About Ron

Singer/Songwriter Ron Moore performs mostly solo with acoustic guitar, vocals and comedy. For larger venues and events, a backup band is available. A Ron Moore concert involves the audience by inviting them to sing along, and making up a song on the spot from a story the audience provides. Extraordinary. Memorable.

Dr. Stanley Martin grew up in Newfoundland, stood on the hill when Marconi received the first wireless signal on Signal Hill from Europe. Stan worked as a wireless operator on the Strathcona, Dr. William Grenfell's mission hospital ship on the Labrador Coast. Stan went on to medical school, married and went to Manchuria, China where he and his nurse wife built a mission hopital. This is where Ron's mother was born. They moved to Korea.

Ron's mother married James Moore, and the two of them served as missionaries in Seoul, Korea, just before the Korean War. Ron was born in Seoul. After the war, they went back and delivered relief supplies, and stayed as missionaries. Ron's dad passed away when he was 16. His mother continued as a missionary doing drama all over Korea and Asia. Ron graduated from high school in Korea in a class of 14, and went off to a small Bible college in Kentucky. 900 students was not small to Ron who had 70 in the entire junior and senior high of his school.

Ron started playing professionally at the age of 16 at a Valentine's Day banquet in Taejon, Korea, with his friend hand holding a microphone for Ron's 20 minute set. Continuing in folk and rock bands, Ron's band "Albert" won the national battle of the bands in Seoul. There was one other band, but Ron likes to add, "They were really good!" Albert played 70% originals along with Jimi Hendrix and Cream songs.

On returning to the USA for college, Ron teamed up with his brother Bill and toured the states as a duo playing colleges, high schools, coffeehouses, churches, and the first ICHTHUS festival which has now grown from 150 people to 20,000. Ron played ICHTHUS through the years including 2009.

Ron and his friend from Albert, Doug Southworth, made acoustic songs and recordings on borrowed equipment in Korea, and later reunited for some shows and the album "Wilmore", in Kentucky.

Realizing it would be a struggle to survive with a group, Ron went solo in 1971, and other than backup bands, remains a solo artist.

In 1973, Ron recorded Silence Is Music which was signed to the California based label, Creative Sound. Shortly after this, he helped produce 2 albums for Mark Heard which were signed to Larry Norman's Solid Rock label. Ron produced and engineered scores of albums for other artists, including the first Jan Krist album which won Critics Choice Album of the Year from Billboard Magazine in 1998.

In the early years of what is called the Jesus Movement, Ron found himself playing many coffeehouses across the midwest, as well as colleges on both coasts. He wrote record reviews for Harmony Magazine, and felt awkward using the term "Jesus Music" or "Jesus Rock". What's next he thought; "Jesus shoes and jeans"? The name was too special. So he proceeded to call the genre contemporary Christian music. The name caught on, and he is credited with coining the new name in David Sabatini's Encyclopedia of CCM.

Having been a pioneer in the field, and renaming it, Ron always stayed on the fringes of the industry, feeling at least as comfortable in a regular coffeehouse, club, or university setting. His songs and albums have always crossed over with love songs, political songs, humorous songs, and songs of life in general.

Comedy has always been a part of Ron's shows. He attributes this to his parents and brothers always cracking jokes. Influences were Bill Cosby, The Smothers Brothers, Steve Martin, Adam Sandler, and Steven Wright. Ron's song introductions and funny songs are a major thread in his career.

Ron continues his tours and recordings as his main career. He has also worked part time with nonprofits and church groups, leading mission teams for hurricane damage relief, and supporting youth camps in Eastern Europe and Korea. Ron is an official artist associate, representing World Vision www.worldvision.org which is in over 100 countries, specifically helping with food and education for third world children. He is also the director of FOCUS Appalachia which connects volunteers and logistics to local nonprofits and serves under the national organization FOCUS North America which Ron works with as www.focusappalachia.org.

Reviewers have often noted that Ron's songwriting reflects an unusual poetic sensibility. Ron has written poetry seriously since High School, was editor of 2 literary magazines, was an English major, and has been published in a national magazine. Ron's favorite artists to listen to have lyrics that can stand on their own as poetry.

Ron's acoustic guitar sound is also noted as a hallmark of his music. Many artists and engineers marvel at the sounds he gets from his 50 year old Martin. This mixed with occasional electric guitars, keyboards, and his love of alternate percussion (rarely using a snare and kick sound any more), sum up the folk to folk-rock, indie folk, americana style he has rendered through the years.

Ron Moore grew up in a loving, rich community of missionaries in Korea. Although he has studied and researched other religions, he has never wandered far from his Christian roots. "Other religions have good philosophies like Buddhism, or good religious books, and good moral codes." he says. "But Christianity is not based on these, although it has them too. It's based on a person. I have almost never met anyone who has an argument with the teachings and life of Jesus. He is respected and often loved and worshipped all over the world. Even other faiths, and people like Mohammed and Ghandi have respect for him and his life. There is more than just hero worship going on for us as Christians. There is a spiritual relationship that is very real and constant; full of love, reasons for joy, and a deep peace that is beyond our understanding. Having received him this way, Ron believes we can become more and more the child of God he dreamed us up to be."